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Chain-Link Fence

Chain-link fence systems are the most widely used fence system from past to present.
The chain-link fence material we manufacture as Galvanized Chain-Link Fences and PVC Coated Chain Link Fences are produced in requested mesh size and height based on the area of use. Usually Tube pole and concrete pole applications are made.

If the ground is soil, the poles are installed by concreting the base of pole, or, if the ground is concrete, they are mounted by plugging the plate system welded in the bottom of the pole with standard intervals of 3 meters or reguested intervals. Double sided buttress are made in every 30 meters or 45 meters for support purposes. After the installation of poles is completed, 2-3 or 4 lines of guy wire are drawn depending on the fence height. The installation is completed by connecting the chain-link fence material to guy wire with bonding wire.
Optionally, Razor wire or barbed wire can be drawn over the wire mesh.


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