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Welded Wires

Welded Wires

Information about the Welded Wires Product

Welded Wire Systems are much more robust than the mesh wire system. In mesh wire systems, the production is made in the form of knitting as suggested from its name. On the other hand, welded wire system is manufactured by centering the wires each other vertically and horizontally.

Welded wire material which we import as Galvanized Welded Wire and PVC Coated Welded Wire are preferred in different mesh sizes and heights depending on the areas of use. Generally it is applied with Tube pole. The poles are mounted by concreting the pole base in soil grounds and by plugging with the plate system welded on the bottom of the pole in concrete grounds in standard 3 meter intervals or desired intervals.

Double-sided buttresses are made in every 30 or 45 meters of intervals for supporting purposes. Welded wire material is mounted by connecting to the poles with bonding wire. Optionally, Razor Wire or Barbed Wire is drawn over the welded wire. Welded wire material is guaranteed for 10 years under normal use.

Welded Wires prices

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Features of Welded Wires

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